Sunday, 3 November 2013

Turntablism / Photography.

I've recently put a video together with a series of photos and bits of random footage I'd taken over the last 6-7 months until more recent times. It's now up on my JDHQ Facebook page.

I'm happy that people enjoyed, or liked it for what it was. I was simply looking to try something a little different from the normal process off doing one thing at a time and that being all. Take the photo - show the photo. Scratch records - show the footage. Make a beat - share the file. It gets boring after a while. So I thought fuck it, I like doing all of these things, I'm going to put them all together as one item and share it.

It didn't seem so hard because I already had a bunch of photos on my Flickr account, with a few extra photo I had stashed away. The beat I made and used, which I've since added to my Soundcloud page, was simple and basic enough to sit with the subject matter.

I also didn't really want to spend a great deal of time on it, as it was supposed to be about three different topics, turntablism, photography and music, rather than it being primarily about one. Like I  said, it was a fun little project to put together. Something different for myself to do, and a way of keeping myself entertained and motivated. I had some positive feed back, so who knows, I might have to do things like this more often.

Check it out, tell me what you think.

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