Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Day In The Life: Michelle Grace Hunder.

The latest edition to this project of mine features professional photographer, Michelle Grace Hunder.

A professional photographer based in Melbourne, Michelle has been grinding away at her craft for the past four years and has done so, frame by frame, one shutter click at a time, to produce some of the most amazing work I've seen in terms of live Hip-Hop music photography in Australia. Period.

If you know me as a person, you'll know that compliments don't come easily. I'm happy to acknowledge someone with skill and give props where they're due. However, in this instance in my personal opinion, she is without a doubt at the top of the game.

Brothablack & Michelle on location.

More often than not, I've seen people reach a point where they get comfortable and start taking things for granted. Not Michelle. She's working hard and fast to get through all the artists she can, engaging with everyone across all forms of social media and pushing her own personal limits in order to set new ones.

Long story short, she's always in beast mode.


Her latest and greatest project is her own self published photography book titled "RISE". A body of portraiture work featuring the who's who of the Australian Hip-Hop scene.

The book is over a year in the making and Michelle recently ran a Pozible campaign to raise the necessary funds to get the ball rolling for the first run of books.

One of which I'm expecting in the mail when it's released!

Def Wish Cast.

While in Sydney, shooting various artists for her book, I got to watch her go to work. There are many things to admire in a consummate professional, clearly in their element going about their business. The obvious things that were apparent to me is the way in which she interacts with whom she is shooting with.

Not everyone is comfortable with a camera being pointed at them (myself included, hence the reason I take pictures, lol) but with her personality, confidence and energy it becomes clear soon after beginning, the artist would settle into whats going on and the comfort levels for everyone involved soon rise.

To me, I believe that is an important skill set to have in its own right.

MC Trey and Michelle.

And that was my "Day In The Life" with a professional photographer.

I'd like to thank Michelle Grace Hunder for letting me into her world for a day and letting me take pictures, even if it is weird to take photos of someone taking photos, haha. It just had to be done.

You're an inspiration to me personally as I'm sure you are to a lot of aspiring photographers out there.

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Be sure to check of the next instalment of "A Day In The Life", coming soon.

- JD the JDHQ dude.

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