Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sydney Fringe Festival.

Towards the end of last week, and the weekend its self, I managed to take a few shots of a couple of events run as part of Sydney Fringe Festival. To say its been fun and interesting at the same time is an understatement.

Here's a few photos from an event put on by Tortuga Studios - In The Night Garden. It was vibrant, colourful and bursting with energy, but still had a laid back community feel to it. Put it this way... If you weren't there, you missed out.

                                                         "In The Night Garden."

I also had a chance to check out another event,  The History Of HipHop  which was another really cool event to go to. I've posted a few here and you can see a few others on my JDHQ Facebook page as well.

                                                    "The History Of HipHop"




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