Friday, 17 August 2012

Kit Complete - Some Beats My Friends Like.

After being years in the making,the first up solo release from Sydney producer & beat extraordinaire/MC Kit Complete (Reverse Polarities) dropped a beat tape entitled 'Some Beats My Friends Like' as a free download from Kit Completes Bandcamp page.

If you can picture yourself on a rooftop with a beer in your hand, overlooking the city landscape thinking about the past & present while plotting the movements of your future, you have the sounds of Kit Completes beat tape. He's on some down tempo shit with punch. It's got a little bit of everything but the thing i noticed the most are the drums. The shit KNOCKS on most of the tracks. The stand out tracks for me personally are 'Truffle Shuffle' and the track i found myself cutting to the most being 'Little Forest.'

All in all it's a fucking solid first up release in my opinion, so go cop that shit. It's free and it's dope! What more could you possibly want.

Kit Complete is definitely a name people should keep an eye on for the future, word up.

- ThatHomieDizzle.

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