Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Creative Funk...

I've lost my turntable mojo... Badly!

You know those "funks" you go through, when everything you do sounds shit (Well, in your mind it does). You're at a point where you can't even do your stock standard repertoire of skills without fucking something up. Or am I the only one who has experienced this?!

It's as if I have a writers block on turntables at the moment!

I'm sure this must happen to everyone in almost all creative avenues, but I don't think the answers to breaking through the road blocks are always the same.

This doesn't happen to me all that often on turntables. In fact, this might be some kind of first. I've always managed to fight my way out of this so called "funk" in the past. For whatever reasons, it just isn't panning out the same way this time around.

My Weapons Of Choice.
Photo By Jay Dizzle.

So, with that in mind, my question is, do I....

A)  Step away from the tables and give it a rest,and run the risk of getting worse or adding to the rust?


B)  Step up harder and try punch my way through it all, in the hope that I bring an end to all my frustrations of the moment?

I'm leaning towards stepping away and doing other things until I feel the need to step up again. If it's not working out at this point in time, maybe I do need to give it a rest.

People in the past have told me that I can be my own worst enemy and harshest critic. Maybe they're right. But when you're so used to being able to do something so free and easily, only to one day wake up and struggle, I feel as if I have to ask myself those questions in order to quickly move on.

Anyway... To those of you who may read this, i'm interested to hear what you do about these sorts of issues.  Are you a Writer? An Artist? Musician perhaps? When shit like this happens to you (or anyone for that matter) what do you do?

I'm open to hearing about your stories or thoughts on the matter. Who knows, your input might help me out too!

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