Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Love Is A Two Way Street...

People who don't show love, get none in return. It's that simple.

If you want to play the role of being "too cool" to acknowledge someone likes what you're doing, or HAVE done in the past, you'll never be respected in my eyes. (Actually, i'd think you're a total wanker.)

If i see, hear or read something i like, i'm all for showing love to the work and the person that did it, whether it's music, writing, art, etc. I might even do some follow up research and see what you're about in greater detail if i really dig what you do. I enjoy finding new things. I mean, who doesn't, right?!

If i like your blog, i might write about it and post links and give you props on the work you do. If i like your music, i'll buy it and share it around to those i know who might like it, tell them who it is, where you can get it and so on. You have an event that looks dope? I might go.. No only that, i'll tell others to come with me. Happy, happy, joy, joy for all.. Everyone wins.

That's free advertising for YOU. That's information, in a good light, that's being spread around about you from a source other than you and your friends. Beat's the shit out of posting bills on a fucking lamp post in the street, if you ask me.

You can't buy that kind of attention. Ok, so you can buy followers about twitter, but how much of that will actually hit your target audience? Two words.... Fuck. All.

If you're trying to develop a fan base, you should embrace those who embraced you. You wouldn't exisit without those who enjoy your work. You wouldn't even have a fucking job if your creative body of work, whatever that may be, is your bread & butter in life.

I try to get back to everybody that showed me love on whatever i did. If i was cutting. If i was making a beat, whatever.. Or it could be a comment in real life, i'll be humble in my approach, thank them for their kinds words and carry on with life.

I realise not everyone will like what i do. But i still take the time out to acknowledge their input and efforts for even checking out what i do in the first place. It's all part of the game,and that's the way i play it.

I'm not too cool to show love to those who did so towards me, nor am i too cool to express how good i think someone elses talents are to others. Always have. Always will.

You shouldn't be "too cool" either, that sucks arse crack. Yea, i said it... just being real.


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